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Grayson Murray Trolls, Byeong Hun An Puts Him In His Place

If you’re a golf fan on twitter, you’ve followed Grayson Murray by now. åÊThe former Web.com Tour pro who played his way onto the PGA Tour this season. åÊGrayson hasn’t seen a ton of success thus far, and Twitter nation is making sure he knows it. åÊHe’s had a bunch of gems already this year, […]

Grayson Murray Is The Twitter Hero We All Need

Grayson Murray. åÊEver heard of him? åÊMe neither, until someone retweeted him and it popped up on my twitter feed. åÊAll I knew was he must be someone, since he has that coveted little blue check mark next to his name. åÊSo who is he exactly? åÊThe 23 year-old PGA Tour rookie won his way […]