How Iconic is Pebble and the U.S Open?

Some things in life go together so well you wouldn’t think of one without the other.  Think the McCartney and Lennon, the Jackson 5, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Phil and Gambling.  Pebble Beach is the Ying to the U.S Open’s Yang.  Pebble beach opened in 1919 and celebrated its 100th birthday this year.  The old gal is looking pretty damn good for just hitting triple digits.  She might have grown her hair out a bit but she still cleans up for her annual 10 year fashion show.  When you get into the history of Pebble and U.S Open it becomes readily apparent that the chemistry between them is unmistakeable.  Jacks last US AM win was at Pebble Beach.  Jack used Pebble as his muse to start logging his distances and was the first to champion the idea of using yardage books during competition.  Future PGA Tour commish Deane Beman is credited with the idea of creating yardage books but it was Jacks marriage of the idea that lead to their widespread use and it was Pebble Beach where he first copied Deane’s idea.  Jack had what was probably the greatest unscripted goodbye in U.S Open history when he paused during a delay on the 18th tee, sat on the fence and looked into the ether.  Imagine the thoughts and memories that go through the mind of a man who changed the face of golf as he sits on a fence, in arguably the greatest setting during our countries national championship.

As beautiful as she may seem, Pebble can be a real B#%CH when it comes time to tee it up and count them all.  The past winning scores at Pebble show a pretty even trend of what the USGA loves (keeping the winning score close to par).
72 open Jack +2
82 open Watson with chip in -6
92 open Tom Kite -3
2000 Tiger 15 shot victory -12(Let’s be honest you cannot count this in the conversation…This might have been the greatest golf EVER played, no bogies, complete control and utter dominance from day 1 until the end.  Consider this an outlier)
2010 Graeme Mcdowell E

Pebble is the USGA’s St. Andrews.  Every 10 years (usually, save for special events like the new millennium or a special birthday) the course shows out brilliantly and treats golf fans and non fans alike to breathtaking views, amazing golf and well deserving champions.

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