Have a Drink Friday – Transfusion

The Transfusion is a golf beverage as old as time.  Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but the Transfusion has established itself as a clubhouse stable.  My first real exposure to the Transfusion came on a recommendation at Erin Hills, home of the 2017 US Open, two summers ago.  It was so perfect and delicious on a hot summer day that it made me realize I need this in my life on a more regular basis.  Not only was the vodka with grape juice and ginger ale delightfully refreshing, it also made me feel like I was right back on the course whenever I mixed one up at home.

As we enter the winter months here in Chicago, I plan to keep the Transfusion ingredients on standby for anytime I feel like I need to take myself to warmer times…even if it is just a cruel mind game I’m playing with myself.

If you’re looking for a nice refreshing cocktail that’s easy to mix, here’s all you need to do:

  • Buy preferred vodka, ginger ale, and purple grape juice
  • Mix each ingredient equally poured over ice in a rocks glass (My preferred mix is actually heavier vodka and ginger ale, splash of grape juice. Experiment to develop your own preference.)
  • Top off with a lime wedge to really class it up
  • Sip like a pro


Vodka Transfuse Drink Golf Repeat



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