Have a Drink Friday – Goose Island Cooper Project No. 2

Pay attention to your junk email. That’s the lesson of this #HADF. ┬áMy dad and I both received an clutch email mentioning this Goose Island Cooper Project No. 2 at one of our local big box liquor stores. Having our curiosities piqued, we stored this brew in our memory banks. Days later as we decided to take a trip to the store together to stock up, we came across a four pack of this beer for a whopping $16.99. High price, yes, we pulled the trigger anyway.

Hard to find a ton of info on this one at this point, it’s not even on Goose’s website, but I enjoyed it. It’s a Blonde Dopplebock aged for three months in bourbon barrels and comes in at a steady 9.2% ABV. Not exactly a lighthearted beer, but doesn’t beat you over the head like a lot of the other ones you may run into in this category. $17 is probably a bit heavy for this four pack, but worth a try if you’re willing to spend a few bucks.


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