Have a Drink Friday – New Glarus Bubbler

A perk of traveling to Wisconsin is that you’re in the only state of this Union allowed to sell New Glarus beer. Most New Glarus nuts live for Spotted Cow and their fruit beers, but I had my first encounter with their delightful Bubbler. For those that don’t know, Wisconsinites refer to drinking fountains as “bubblers” and this beer is a nod to that tradition. My pour was enjoyed after hours of tracking down fresh seafood in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and grilling it for the family. Perfect summer night in my book.

From New Glarus:

Suits stride, Toes skip, Heels click staccato expedition rhythms. Labor and Workers and Shoppers alike paused to share Downtown Bubblers on Wisconsin blocks.

The Bubbler Hefeweiss you hold in your hand sparkles with democratic spirit combining Wisconsin Wheat alongside European Pilsner Malt. Choice American hops partner with imported hops, even yeasts blend together in our Open Top fermenters. 100% naturally carbonated and hazy, expect this living beer to pour an exuberant effervescent gold. Bubblers beat in our hearts- it‰’s a Wisconsin thing.


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