Review: Byron Morgan 612 Putter

Byron Morgan 612 Putter

Everyone knows Scotty Cameron, and lot of people know the name Bettinardi, but one of the lesser known names in the world of putter makers is Byron Morgan. Byron is a surfer guy from Huntington Beach, CA that has a good eye for putter lines, knows his way around milling machines, and can package it up into one of the finest custom putters you’ll come across. If you’re looking to spend a little more and go the boutique route, Byron should be on your radar every time. While there are endless options from Byron, this review will loosely cover one of my favorite Byron Morgan models, the 612.


The Highlights:

  • Made-to-order custom designs
  • Classic head shape
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Custom face milling

You can find Byron Morgan putters HERE.


The Vibe:

Everything about Byron Morgan is because of his “vibe.” He’s cool, he’s calm, he’s friendly, and he just loves to do what he does which comes out in his work. Byron has been at this game for a long time, and is one of the original “modern garage putter makers” that knows a thing or two about designing and milling a putter. Some will even say he literally paved the way for a couple of other famous putter makers that now control the market.

Anyway, the 612 is reminiscent of one of the earlier Scotty Cameron “Timeless” designs which are based off of the Anser 2 head shape. (For the record, I don’t know who had the similar design first, that’s neither here nor there right now.) The thin face has a lot of feel in it, but paired with this specific face milling it still comes off as soft. Obviously there is a unique appearance to this putter due to its stamping. What’s nice with Byron is that he offers a lot of custom stamping options and the world pretty much your oyster when it comes to making it your own. The bubbles you see on the face are called “Tai Dots” after an idea from one of his biggest regular customers.


On Course:

So much of how a putter plays for you out on the course comes down to your brain, hands, and a wide array of personal preferences. Short version: performance is very much based on subjectivity. I just so happen to prefer #2 putter shapes. Byron has had a few different models inspired by that head shape, but for whatever reason, I’m drawn to the 612 head over and over again. I’ve personally had a handful of these pass through my hands but have always struggled to get one I felt good with on the course. The 612 pictured in this review is about 355 grams with a perfect balance and great feel. These combined factors give me the response I’m looking for so I can consistently put a good putt on the ball. It didn’t take me time to realize it either. I rolled two balls on the practice green and immediately went, “yup, this is it, got it just how I want it.” The rest was history.


The Verdict:

Byron Morgan makes some of the finest flatsticks in the game of golf. Seeing as he still makes them out of his shop in California he’s only able to produce a small amount (relative to the big players in the game), and his attention to detail and craftsmanship are a testament to this.

My Verdict: Byron Morgan can basically make you exactly the putter you want and you know it will be of the highest quality. When you get them perfect like this 612, the best head shape in the Byron lineup, you’ll feel confident anytime you have that putter in your hands.


The Aftershow:

The Aftershow is where we talk about aspects of the equipment that’s of interest but didn’t necessarily make the review.

One thing I didn’t really dive into is Byron Morgan’s history and his custom options. Perhaps that’s a post for another day, but I wanted to point out that Byron is considered to be one of the best by his peers and experts across the golf industry. The only reason he isn’t as well known is because he doesn’t have a big company behind him doing massive marketing campaigns and paying players on Tour to play his gear, even though a lot of those pros probably don’t realize they’re playing one of his designs (including at least one current Major champion).

It’s worth taking a look at Byron’s website to see all the different head shapes, finish options, and everything else he has to offer. Who knows, it may even spark something inside of you to get your own Byron Morgan putter made in the near future.

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