Monthly Archives: December 2016

Have a Drink Friday – Rum Punch

When I went to England, my friends kept calling rum and Coke a “rum punch” so naturally I’ve enjoyed calling it the same upon my return to the States.åÊ With New Years this weekend, rum and Coke seems like the perfect go-to cocktail for me.åÊ It has a little bit of that Carribean spirit in […]

Beef at the Darts

Our favorite of all time, Beef Johnston, popped up at the Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace (being we’re American, we’re not claiming any knowledge of the Darts or Alexandra Palace), and was once again mistaken for Shane Lowry. Beef, clearly having a good time, may have taken his shirt off as well as held up […]

Return of The Mac is the Shirt You Need

Well, Tiger Woods took the golf world by storm yesterday by posting the most ridiculous picture I have ever seen and letting us know that apparently there’s a tradition in his house where he plays “Mac Daddy Santa.”åÊ Yep, this is a thing.åÊ As excited as we are that Tiger is back in action on […]

Have a Drink Friday – Bourbon Egg Nog

This Christmas season I’m reminded that I hate eggnog no matter how hard I try, but damnit, I want to be festive and embrace the season, and whatever other festive Christmas themes come to mind.åÊ Thankfully I’ve found an alternative for this Have a Drink Friday preceding Christmas 2016.åÊ You know what makes eggnog a […]

The Duel at Royal Troon – The 2016 Open Championship

Browsing through Twitter the other day, this little gem from Golf Digest popped into my feed.åÊ It’s supposed to document what it was like “behind the scenes” from Phil Mickelson’s and Henrik Stenson’s (as well as a few others) perspectives before and after their now famous duel at the 2016 Open at Royal Troon. I […]