Monthly Archives: October 2016


What happens when you combine National Golf Day, National Taco Day, and National Vodka Day? åÊIt’s the new Unofficial/Official SJ Holiday (The New Festivus anyone?). åÊThe petition to make Oct 4th a true National Holiday begins now. åÊSo Get Ready for the Feats of Strength, Celebrate Below: National Golf Day/National Taco Day HERE National Vodka […]

What A Ryder Cup!

This year’s Ryder Cup was without a doubt one of the most Epic sporting events of all time. åÊJust so much drama and excitement. åÊ(Recaps Here and Here). åÊBut this photo of Rickie Fowler during the Team USA celebration caps it off perfectly. Don’t worry Rickie, you’ll be just fine #NoWomanNoCry     Make sure […]