Top 7 Juiced Up Healthy Green St. Patrick’s Day Drinks


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Here are some great recovery drinks from your St. Patrick’s Day festivities!

Top 7 Juiced Up Healthy Green St. Patrick’s Day Drinks:

1. Green Machine –  This is a great way to ease yourself into drinking something green, because at first glance it is kinda weird.  But trust me you’ll love it



2.  Pear and Arugula Smoothie - It may not sound like it, but it’s an amazing combo!



3. Vanilla Lime Green Detox- Kind of like a mini Tropical Vacation



4. Healthy Shamrock Shake- You will seriously regret ever having the one from the Golden Arches



5. Tropical Hangover Helper- And speaking of vacation, you probably will wish you had taken one after a fun filled St. Patrick’s Day.  Here is your answer



6. Pomegranate Citrus Punch Green Smoothie- What’s the next best thing to an SJ Pom Berry??  This —>



7. Avocado Green- What’s that you say, Avocado in a smoothie??  Hells Yeah!


by Jon

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