Best Club Thrower In The Game?

Justin thomas club toss

If you’ve ever played the game of golf, you’ve most certainly been to that deep, dark place that leaves you wanting to assault the nearest tree with your 7 iron, snap your driver over your leg, or throw your putter into the nearest dumpster.  Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  It doesn’t mean we’ve actually done it, but we’ve been to that place.  Personally, I’ll admit, I’ve thrown a sand wedge into a tree and thrown a driver into a bush, no big deal.

At the WGC Mexico last week, Justin Thomas reminded us that yes, even the pros are known for a good “club chuck” every now and again.  Thomas is typically known for “letting go” of his driver on the follow through of a bad drive, but this time was a little different.  Thomas let go a little to early, and sent his driver flying towards the gallery.  While Thomas immediately apologized to the crowd, and later on social media, that didn’t stop the Twitter-verse from running wild with this one.  Here is a nice little jab from McIlroy:

Rory Tweet Justin Thomas


But, let’s not forget Rory’s antics on the course.  I’ve seen the guy snap a five wood in half when he ferociously threw it at the ground, and let’s not forget Rory’s club toss into the lake at the Cadillac Championship.  Don’t worry, Thomas didn’t let him forget either.

Thomas Tweet


This banter back and forth between the boys does bring up a good question: who had the greatest club toss of all time?  We can leave that up to you all to debate.  Personally, good ol’ John Daly at the 2015 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits takes the cake.

by OC Tom

Tom originally hails from Orange County, California, but currently resides in Downtown Chicago, where his unhealthy obsession for golf basically runs his life. Tom is also a Tour Writer at where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content.

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