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The British are Coming, The British are Coming! Ryder Cup Style

Viva La France! The Ryder Cup is just a few weeks away and while (most) of the teams rosters are set, the US Team is becoming the overwhelming favorite to bring the trophy back home.  Yes in short, we are STACKED!  Check out the Current Vegas Odds below. Nothing beats a USA vs. The World […]

I’m Over Bryson DeChambeau

I’ll admit it, I tried real hard to get on the Bryson DeChambeau train, but I just can’t do it.åÊ Watching him dominate the NCAA and then the US Amateur all while hearing about his quirky, albeit totally sick, one-length super custom Edel irons was both fun and refreshing.åÊ Then the public started hearing about […]

Dustin Johnson Wins Genesis Open and Becomes New World Number One

Dustin Johnson is a man, a myth, AND a legend all wrapped into one.åÊ Jason Sobel tweeted yesterday that Dustin Johnson’s son Tatum’s “grandpa is Wayne Gretzky, his dad is Dustin Johnson and he’s got light-up sneakers. Kid is living the good life already.”åÊ Man, that’s an absolute FACT.åÊ By winning the 2017 Genesis Open, […]

Jordan Spieth – Taking Care of Business

I’ll readily admit that I keep finding myself more and more annoyed with Jordan Spieth with his whining, pouting, and general Bubba’ing on the golf course.åÊ Ok, to be fair, he’s a little nicer to Greller than Bubba is to Ted Scott, and he doesn’t get into altercations with other players, but he’s a bit […]