Michelle Wie’s New Harry Potter Inspired Callaway Wedges

Wie Potter Wedge 3

Golf Digest - Harry Potter fans, get ready to be jealous. Callaway made Michelle Wie some custom Harry Potter-themed wedges and they are downright magical.

The 56-degree wedge features the Wingardium Leviosa spell, which is actually the only spell on these wedges that I didn’t have to look up. It’s the levitation spell, which would probably help a lot of us with our wedge game. The Impervius charm is also stamped on the wedge, which makes an object waterproof. Lumos is the final charm on the wedge, which is Wie’s favorite charm. Lumos is the wand-lightning charm. You can also see the images of a golden snitch and a lightning bolt lasered into the wedge.

The 52 has Harry Potter’s trademark glasses lasered into it, and has four spells stamped on it. The spell Protego is the shielding spell, probably to protect Wie against bogeys. Descendo is the spell that makes things down, maybe like making a ball go into a hole. Avis is the charm that makes birds appear, so we assume it’ll have to make birdies appear on Wie’s scorecard. And finally, Lumos is also stamped on this wedge.

The 60 features Rictusempra, the tickling charm. It also has Salvio Hexia stamped on it. It’s a defensive spell to keep hexes away, or maybe in golf it’ll keep bad flop shots away. And again, this wedge has Lumos stamped on it. An image of Harry Potter’s broom is lasered into the wedge as well.

Wie will put these wedges in action at next week’s Ana Inspiration.

Wie Potter Wedge 2

I’m not sure about you all, depending on age, but I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd.  I loved the books growing up, and they were a huge part of my childhood.  I took a Harry Potter class for my upper level English requirement in college (private school, go figure), and hell, I may even have a Harry Potter inspired tattoo on my body.  With these, I have to say Callaway knocked it out of the park, and they make my inner nerd rejoice.  Everything from the laser-etched glasses, broomstick, and golden snitch, to the stamped spells have me giddy and wanting a set of these wedges.

This isn’t the first set of awesomely designed wedges Callaway has released with the MD3 line.  They had custom wedges for the Ryder Cup and the Lucky Clover wedges to name a few.  For me, though, these take the cake.

It’s also great to see a beautiful star athlete like Michelle Wie is also a Potter nerd like myself (so you’re saying there’s a chance…).  Either way, I hope that they work some magic for her game, because she can use it.

Regardless, I beg you Callaway, can I get a set of these bad boys too?

Wie Potter Wedge 1

If you want some cool Callaway custom wedges of your own, you can check out Callaway’s custom wedge design site for custom stamping and color options for the MD3 wedge.

by OC Tom

Tom originally hails from Orange County, California, but currently resides in Downtown Chicago, where his unhealthy obsession for golf basically runs his life. Tom is also a Tour Writer at PluggedInGolf.com where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content.

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