Have a Drink Friday – Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout


Well it’s Black Friday 2016, the day after Thanksgiving where everyone goes insane to buy things at stupid prices at stores that in reality aren’t the greatest deals ever.  You can count on it.  The other thing you can count on is literally some of the best beers in America being released.  Those beers are Bourbon County Brand Stout (BCBS) and a collaboration between Transient Ales and a shop in Glen Ellyn, IL called The Beer CellarFor those unfamiliar with these brews, they’re annually released Imperial Stouts from Goose Island out of Chicago that’s aged in bourbon barrels and full of delicious perfection, and the Neckbeard Nectar is a collaborative Imperial Stout with Transient Ales out of Michigan.  Goose Island also releases a range of BCBS variants.

I could go on for days about Goose Island Bourbon County, but I strongly suggest a quick Google search if you aren’t already in the know.  Being from Chicago (Swing Juice is so nationwide), Bourbon County Day is a much bigger deal here than the rest of the U.S.  As such, an absurd amount of effort went into acquiring the amount pictured in the post.  You will note a wooden box in the picture.  That is called “Rare.”  My dad managed to randomly pick up a bottle in his hunt on my behalf and it was actually bottled last year (2015)…my pride and joy of this year’s haul.  The Rare was aged in Bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distillery in Kentucky and apparently is pure magic (never had it before).  I’ll find out in 2017 or 2018 after aging it a bit more.  In the meantime, it will sit and wait for a special occasion for my old man and me.

If you want to chat Bourbon County Brand Stout or Neckbeard Nectar, leave a comment here and we can dive deep into that world.  This is easily one of my favorite days of the year and some of my favorite beer in existence between Bourbon County and Neckbeard Nectar.  Skipping Black Friday shopping is a no-brainer when you can hunt for beer like this.


by Bill Bush

Bill lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids while maintaining an unhealthy golf passion where he lives by the mantra "grip it, rip it, and worry about it later." Bill is also a writer and co-founder at the website PluggedInGolf.com where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content. He plays Scott Readman Concepts putters and accessories.

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