Have a Drink Friday – Bottle Shares


Having a drink, especially on #HADF, is best when done in some sort of social setting.  A big advantage to having a few friends that have good taste in beer is that you can get together to combine your efforts and have a few different great beers in one night.

While the picture above looks like a lot of beer, it was split between four and a half different people.  The nice part is we had a few pretty potent beers, but in reality, maybe had about two total beers each over the night.


Point is, collect some good beers with your friends, have a few people over to your place or wherever it is you want to be, share the wealth, and have a good time with good company.  Every now and then someone is going to show up with some sort of magic elixir that you would have never come across on your own and you’ll be glad you live in a world of bottle sharing.

by Bill Bush

Bill lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids while maintaining an unhealthy golf passion where he lives by the mantra "grip it, rip it, and worry about it later." Bill is also a writer and co-founder at the website PluggedInGolf.com where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content. He plays Scott Readman Concepts putters and accessories.

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