Charley Hoffman and the Reeses


Golf Digest - …So when cameras caught Hoffman and his caddie frantically emptying his golf bag, it seemed at odds with his easygoing demeanor. That is, until the impetus for the search party was discovered: Hoffman was trying to find a rouge Reese’s cup.

If you’re wondering why such efforts were made for a piece of chocolate, well, clearly you’ve never savored a Reese’s before. Also, congratulations to Hoffman. No way Hershey’s doesn’t call with a sponsorship deal after that production.

I have nothing else to say other than I have mad respect for both Charley Hoffman’s commitment to the cause and Golf Digest for being so woke on the Reeses Peanut Butter Easter Egg (arguably the best Reeses Peanut Butter item).  Enjoy the video…

by Bill Bush

Bill lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids while maintaining an unhealthy golf passion where he lives by the mantra "grip it, rip it, and worry about it later." Bill is also a writer and co-founder at the website where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content. He plays Scott Readman Concepts putters and accessories.

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