Celebrating 32 Years


Well today I turned 32 years old.  I feel like I woke up and my life immediately changed and I gained a whole new perspective on the world.  Wait, no I didn’t.

Last night I met up with a couple of buddies to tip my cap (a day early) to my birthday and we shared a couple of beers.  The highlight may have been the Rye-whiskey barrel aged The Abyss by Deschutes Brewery which you can learn more about HERE.

Tonight I’ll be capping it off with some pizza (one bite, everyone knows the rules) from one of my favorite Chicago places, Roasti’s.  Can’t wait.


by Bill Bush

Bill lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife and kids while maintaining an unhealthy golf passion where he lives by the mantra "grip it, rip it, and worry about it later." Bill is also a writer and co-founder at the website PluggedInGolf.com where you can read equipment reviews, news, instruction, and other sweet golf content. He plays Scott Readman Concepts putters and accessories.

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