Jason Day is Made of Glass

Ok, Jason Day is not literally made of glass.åÊ It’s a metaphor.åÊ What I really mean is that he’s hurt or sick ALL the time and it gains headlines.åÊ Slated to play in the WGC-Mexico Championship this week, Day already withdrew this past Sunday citing a double-ear ache.åÊ That’s fair enough, don’t get me wrong, but man…I just read on Golf Channel that this is the FIFTH time in a year he’s withdrawn from a tournament due to illness.åÊ I guess it is what it is.åÊ Hope you feel better, Jason.åÊ Augusta is just around the corner.

Maybe his wife, Ellie Day, can teach him a few things on being tough.åÊ She got DESTROYED by LeBron James, got carted off on a stretcher and got right back in the game!


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